Dog Friendly Hotels in Las Vegas? There Is A Better Alternative

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Dog friendly hotels in Las Vegas?

Dog friendly hotels in Las Vegas? Each year more and more people are traveling with their pets. This makes you wonder why more hotels aren’t more dog friendly. This reduces options dramatically for many travelers and often times owners are scrambling to find dog watching alternatives.

Mary Ann Dennis, VP at Caesars Entertainment, says eight of her outfit’s Las Vegas resorts opened their doors to dogs, after a pilot program showed that the policy appealed to everyone from trendy singles to high rollers. Going dog-friendly required dozens of changes, ranging from the addition of pet-relief areas to rejiggering the reservations system.  Many hotels limit pets to lower floors near the exits (closest to “relief areas”). And hotels in general tread a tricky line as they try to avoid affronting pet-free travelers.

I ask you this, “Have you ever considered renting a pet friendly vacation home”?

Our Story

Owning two Bernese Mountain Dog’s, we experience this often first hand.  Being frequent vacationers, we find it very hard to find places that allow dogs, needless to say two large dogs. The majority of the time hotels are out of the question. If they do allow dog’s they have weight restrictions of 25lbs, 35lbs, or 50lbs. Hardly ever do they welcome large breed dogs.

With such limited choices we are relegated to asking neighbors or friends to come by and feed and hang out with the dogs while we are gone.  We also have to cut trips short just so the dogs aren’t left alone without us for extended periods of time.  Don’t get me wrong, our dogs have access to the large backyard via their dog door and I do leave on ESPN for them to watch.  But still, we are not there with them. Since being introduced to vacation homes, our vacations have been a lot better.

Why Consider A Vacation Home

Dog friendly hotels in Las Vegas may be making a rise, but what about an alternative. Vacation homes are slowly becoming the way to go when traveling with your pets.  Right now, less than 1/4 of the homes on Airbnb in Las Vegas allow dogs. Sure some people may not have yards, maybe their allergic to pet hair, or any other legitimate reason.

Staying in a vacation home with your pet makes more economical sense and offers more flexibility for your family.  Many hotels frown upon leaving your pet alone while your out and about. Many Las Vegas vacation homes usually offer an enclosed backyard for your pet to roam around and get fresh air, play with the kids, and exercise.  You also give your pet more freedom to roam around freely like at home without the constraints of constantly being on a leash.

Another thing to consider is the size of the unit.  Most normal hotel rooms are around 400 square feet in size compared to vacation homes that range from typically 2000 square feet and up.  You give your pet the feeling of being at home and seriously reduce their stress levels.


“Dog Friendly” vacation homes also have rules for you to follow.  However, since you are the sole people in the home, the rules are slightly more bendable.  In hotels your neighbors are mearly on the other side of a wall, while vacation homes offers you a greater distance of privacy.   Some typical rules you’ll find for vacation homes are


  • No pets on the furniture  (this includes and is not limited to couches, beds, and chairs)
  • Clean up after your pets
  • Insuring that your pets flea and tick shots are up to date
  • If your dog is a barker, please don’t leave them alone (nobody wants to get the neighbors mad)

Many vacation homes charge a pet fee. The typical price is $50 – $100 per stay.  This is due to the extra cleaning that must occur between guests.  These fees aid the owner in

  • vacuuming or sweeping up dog hair
  • extra moping and wiping down furniture
  • any accidental pet accidents inside the house
  • any other inconveniences put upon the property

Dog Friendly: What it Means

Being dog friendly means that we “Welcome All Dogs”.  Dog friendly properties are homeowners that understand the your pets are part of your family.  They know that you take extra care of your pets and these same pets are usually extremely well behaved.  We provide you with dog dishes, a back yard, and a large dog door that exits to the back yard. Some vacation homes provide you with additional amenities for your dogs like dog beds, treats, bowls, and toys.  It all comes down to the property owners.

Plan Your Day Around Your Dog

Planning your day around your dog can be a good thing by introducing you to activities you wouldn’t normally do or places you wouldn’t typically visit. Las Vegas has many themed neighborhood parks that would make dog walking fun.   There are many dog parks around Las Vegas where you dog can run around and play with other dogs.  Do you want to get out of town, no problem.  Las Vegas has many dog friendly hiking areas and lots of site seeing.  In the winter you can even find snow 30 minutes outside of town.

Getting your dog out and about will not only acclimate him to the Las Vegas climate and area, but it will also allow both of you to get some exercise.  Walks also will reduce the stress of the dog and make him less prone to barking and acting out while you are away.

Items to Bring When Traveling with a Dog

So you know where you are going, how you are getting there, where you are staying and a good idea of the parks, hiking trails, beaches, restaurants and activities offered. All that’s left is to figure out what to bring. Make a checklist that includes the following staples:

    • tags
    • photos of your dog in case of separation
    • food & treats
    • water
    • leash
    • toys
    • carrier or kennel
    • hiking gear (if needed)


Alternative Places to Stay With Your Pets

Since dog friendly hotels in Las Vegas are limited, here are some suggestions.  There are many vacation rental sites if your interested.  Anyone of the major companies (Airbnb, Homeaway, and Flipkey) offer you a filter for Pets Welcome.  You’ll be able to see the properties have to offer you and your pet.

Our property, Villa Tuscano, is conveniently located 15 minutes north of any major hotel on the strip.  When booking your next travels, think of us, where we’ll treat your pets like you do, just like family.  You can see if our property is right for you and your pet. Our dog amenities include

  • a large dog door for dogs up to 120lbs
  • a backyard for your pets to run, play, or just relax
  • full reign of the property
  • access to dog bowls and a dog bed
  • Welcome book the offers locations of parks, dog parks, and pet supply stores

Please check out our website for more information. , and book today.