Las Vegas Nightclub Dress Code Guide

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Las Vegas Nightclub Dress Code Guide

The biggest reason people get turned away from the Las Vegas nightclub is because of the dress code. At the end of the day, whether you enter or get turned away comes down to the door man. Our Las Vegas Nightclub Dress Code Guide will help you get into any club every time.


The nightclubs want to be full of very hot girls, high rollers and celebrities, especially on Fridays and Saturdays. The host with the clipboard at the door controls entry. Don’t give him any reason to leave you in line.

Every single nightclub and ultra lounge in Las Vegas enforces dress codes upon entering. Our Las Vegas nightclub dress code guide will help you get into any club every time.


The Las Vegas nightclub dress Code for women is listed as: “Stylish nightlife attire” (which basically means “sexy.”)
Girls can get away with almost anything, especially if you’re hot. Even that’s to the doorman’s discretion. So don’t chance it.

Dress to impress; show a lot of skin and wear ultra-chic, fashionable dresses. Designer jeans and blouses are acceptable, but not always recommended.

So ladies, look the part. Bring a nice “sexy” dress with heels if you want to go clubbing at the best clubs. If you don’t have one, make a trip to the Fashion Show Mall (across from the Wynn) and pick one up. You definitely don’t want to be under dressed and denied access.

There are also a few places that rent dresses, shoes, and accessories. You can rent an expensive name brand dresses for a very affordable price. My wife has done this numerous times. You pick up the dress when you get to Vegas, drop it off before you leave. It’s that easy. You can even have it set up to be delivered to your house, if that’s your thing. The best company in Las Vegas for this is Rent a Runway, located center strip at the Cosmopolitan. .

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Las Vegas nightclub dress code for men on the other hand will have a more standard dress code that will have to be adhered to. If not, you’ll be left in the sea of other guys waiting in line.

So guys, dress the part. The following list is never allowed in a Las Vegas night club unless you’re rich and famous.

  • Sneakers, work boots, sandals
  • Torn or baggy jeans
  • Jersey shore v-necks
  • Athletic Attire (Jerseys, Sports team hats, ect)
  • Shorts or cut offs.
  • Cheesy party gear (feathered boas, colored wigs, crazy outfits)


So guys, you don’t know what to wear? Let me help you out.

  • You want to play it safe wear nice fitting jeans or slacks (not kakis),
  • Nice leather dress shoes.
  • Leather belt.
  • Nice button up shirt or sports coat.

Also guys, if you’re too drunk, loud and obnoxious in line (we’ve all seen that guy in line), unruly or ruthless, the doorman will spot you right away and you’ll be denied entrance.

Simply put, dress to impress and be cool.  On a side note, if there’s a club you really want to attend, be in line before 10pm, especially if you don’t any girls in your party. Follow my simple advice and you’ll have no issues getting into every club on the strip.