Pet Friendly Vacation Home


When we started The Winner's Retreat there a couple goals we had in mind. First, we wanted to exceed our clients expectations.  Second, we needed to make this house just like it was when we lived there; kid friendly, pet friendly, and a place to entertain. 

We take making our property "Pet Friendly" very seriously.  It is more than just allowing pets.  We want your pets to feel at home just like we want you and your guests to feel at home.  Being owners of three awesome dogs, we know how important they are to our family. 

  • Our oldest Bernese Mountain dog, Freising grew up in this house.  He loved to hang out in the back yard and take long walks around the neighborhood.
  • Our second oldest Zelda is a Border Collie.  She is a highly trained and extremely expensive dog used to chase birds off the golf course I help manage. After working along my side for six years, we got adopted her into our family. 
  • Our youngest Tressa is a rescue Bernese Mountain dog.  My wife and daughter saw her in a pet store and negotiated to buy her after she didn't sell for Christmas.  She loved to sleep outside and we set up her bed outside to accommodate her. 

As you can imagine, going on trips was quite an adventure for us.  More than once we had to find pet sitters while we went on family trips. So we decided to welcome your furry family members with open arms.

Dog friendly vacation home in Las Vegas? Each year more and more people are traveling with their pets. This makes us wonder why more vacation rentals and hotels aren’t dog friendly. The reduction in options dramatically affects many travelers and often times leaves pet owners scrambling to find pet sitter alternatives.


Why Choose Us


When you consider that a typical hotel room is around 400 square feet, we offer you over 3000 square feet with direct access to a secure backyard. 


Staying at The Winner's Retreat with your pet makes economical sense and offers more flexibility for your family. 

  • Many hotels frown upon leaving your pet alone while your out and about.
  • The Winner's Retreat offers your pets an enclosed backyard to roam around and get fresh air, play with the kids, and exercise.  We also give your pet more freedom to roam around freely without the constraints of constantly being on a leash. 

Pet Stress

Being away from familiar areas can be quite stressful for your pets.  At The Winner's Retreat, we take that into consideration and try to help provide a comfortable experience for your pets as well. A very large doggy door will help provide options for your pets to be comfortable inside or out, and allow them to use the restroom at their leisure.

  • At The Winner's Retreat we give your pet the feeling of being at home and seriously reduce their stress levels.
  • Hotel rooms are limited on space and typically don't resemble any aspects of being at home. 

Owner Stress

We deal with owner stress and I"m sure you understand what I'm saying.  When your out and about, you want to be sure that your pet's needs are met.  It's hard to have a good time while your worrying about your pets.

  • Having a dog door and a secure backyard, you know that your dog is able to just hang out while your off site.