Three Great North Las Vegas Restaurants You Must Try

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When Las Vegas vacation rental guests stay with us, there’s one thing for sure, great food is nearby, created by local businesses.  Here are three great North Las Vegas Restaurants you don’t want to miss.

Three great North Las Vegas Restaurants..

1.  Old School Pizza.

I’ve yet to hear one person say a bad thing about this place.  They make pizza the old fashion way, by using yeast and dough.  Since they have to prep it all the night before, there’s always a chance that they’ll run out.  The place is a small restaurant that seat about 25 people.  I must say that everything on the menu is good.

2. Viva La Zapatas.  This has been a staple of our over the years.  There menu consists of about 200 items that you can pronounce, but I’ve yet to try something I didn’t like.

3. Cafe Tokyo.  This place is more like a small local fast food/sit down restaurant.  They have curry, Thai Tea, and rice/noodle dishes.  If you love Chinese home cooking, this is definitely the place for you.  Check it out.

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