Making The Right Choice

Choosing the right location could be considered one of the most important decisions you will make in planning your family get together or reunion. If you have a group under 25 people, we have the location for you.


What Makes Us So Great

For small reunions, your best choice is The Winner's Retreat. Not only do we sleep up to 12 people, but we have many things to keep you and your family busy while you are onsite.
Here are some important things to consider.

1. Distance- We are conveniently located about 15 minutes from all major casinos. We are 3 minutes away from our local casino. Distance should never be considered an issue when staying at The Winner’s Retreat.

2. Accessibility- We are located near highway 15 and the north 215. Our property:

•Is near two supermarkets
•Has plenty of parking
•Is in close proximity to great dining

3. Affordability- We offer very affordable prices for the use of the property.

4. Accommodations- We offer a wide range of accommodations for you and your guests. Including:

•Large fully equipped kitchen
•Outdoor barbecue with a large raised bar with plenty of seating
•Private backyard
•Large open floor plan
•Plenty of parking
•Plenty of activities for all ages ranges

5. Features and Activities

•Home theater
•Arcade games, board games, puzzles, mini Foosball and an area for kids
•Billiards, Ping Pong, Darts
•Large fully furnished kitchen to cook great meals
•Private outside barbecue, bar, dining area
•Large formal dining room
•Plenty of comfortable beds
•Lots of parking

6. Outside Activities

•Las Vegas Strip (15 minutes away)
•Freemont Street (10 minutes away)
•Major Production Shows
•Golf (less than 10 minutes away)
•City Tours

Booking Bonus

Remember when you book with us you have your very own local expert. We will provide guidance for you in choosing the perfect family outing that can fit every budget. If you are interested, give us a shot.

*There is a fee to host onsite events (weddings, reunions, birthday parties, baby showers), unless approved prior to your stay.