What Makes The Winner's Retreat So Special

What makes the winner's retreat so special is that we love children.  We know that if your children have a great time, you'll have a great vacation.  That's why we cater to every age group, from babies all the way to your grown up kids. 

Many vacation homes claim to be child friendly, but very few are. Let me show you what makes us child friendly then you can decide for yourself. 


Everything starts with safety.  My wife and I were foster parents in Las Vegas for three years, and take safety very serious.  We want you to have peace of mind knowing that you and your children to be safe in every aspect of the property.  All bedrooms are located on the upper floor and you can sleep easy knowing that we have you covered. 


That's why you will find:

  • fire extinguishers in the upstairs bathrooms.
  • fire ladder in the upstairs bedroom closets.
  • first aid kits supply in the master bedroom.
  • fire evacuation plan on the back of the bedroom doors.
  • fire alarms with carbon monoxide detectors throughout the house.


The Winner's Retreat really does love children 

When creating and upgrading the property, we took into account for all the different ages of kids that may potentially stay at the property. We purchased a wide range of supplies and activities for them to engage in.  We have broken down the different age groups showing you how their needs are being accounted for. 


BABIES  (Ages 0-1)

Parents with babies are focused on two things: sleeping and eating! We provide:

  • crib and Pack-n-play
  • highchair
  • changing table

TODDLERS (Ages 1-3) 

Toddlers, have no fear! Safety issues are at the forefront of all parents’ minds at this stage. We provide your toddlers:

  • stair gates (one for top, one for the bottom)
  • outlet covers
  • toddler books and toys
  • stroller for outings
  • step stool in the upstairs bathroom.


  • fun, kid-friendly bedrooms
  • children’s books
  • toys - indoor and outdoor
  • board and card games
  • video games
  • mini foosball


  • backyard surrounded by a block wall and a locked gate.
  • home theater to watch your favorite movies
  • billiards and ping pong
  • video games, slot machines, and pachinko machine
  • child friendly plates, bowls, cups, silverware
  • blackout blinds and curtains