Cupcake ATM At Sprinkles

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Las Vegas’ Cupcake ATM

Las Vegas is host to many incredible things. Sprinkles Las Vegas offers the Cupcake ATM that’s the first of it’s kind.  Everyone goes crazy for this one of a kind money making masterpiece.  It’s so cool, you won’t think twice about paying top dollar for a cupcake.

So Where Is It?

As you walk from the Strip towards the High Roller, about half way, you’ll head straight towards Sprinkles in The LINQ’s open-air avenue. Sprinkles Las Vegas offers many styles of delicious cupcakes. Inside you can customize, add ice-cream, or do many other things to make your cupcake just right.  But that’s not why we’re here. We want to talk about the Sprinkles Cupcake ATM.

Cup Cake ATM

Located on the outside of Sprinkles on the wall facing the strip, you’ll find that ATM. There’s are large pink arrows pointing downward towards it.  The virtual touchscreen makes the process quite easy.  You merely pick out your cupcake or cupcakes, +/- your quantity, then swipe your card, and watch the screen to see the ATM go to work. The display monitor shows the robotic hand selecting your cup cake and placing it on the tray. In a few short seconds the door opens up and you are presented with your cupcake.


Everyone loves it

When I first brought my kids here, they thought it was the coolest thing. The cupcake selections are limited at the ATM, but the cool factor is off the charts. Every time we stop there, people of all ages stop, giggle, take pictures, and purchased cupcakes.

So if you’re in Las Vegas and looking for something super cool to do with your kids, your significant other, or a friend, stop by the cupcake ATM and experience it for yourselves. You’ll just love it.

How to buy a cupcake (video)

Follow this link: How to buy a cupcake

Find Out More

Sprinkles Webpage


Sprinkles makes different cupcakes on different days. If your overly picky you may want to check their website to see what’s available for that day.