Las Vegas For Kids, The Candy Tour Family Adventure

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Las Vegas For Kids

Las Vegas For Kids- The Candy Tour


Las Vegas For Kids- The Candy Adventure Tour

Las Vegas can also be for kids. Las Vegas doesn’t have to be all about the adults. Are you planning a Las Vegas family vacation?  Are you looking for things to do in Las Vegas for kids? Believe it or not, Las Vegas Casinos and the strip offer fun for the whole family.

Let me introduce you to Las Vegas for kids!!. If your looking for stuff to do with your children while in Las Vegas, don’t worry, I’ve got you covered. The perfect Las Vegas walking tour for your family, The Candy Tour, is just the thing to step up your vacation.

Located at Las Vegas Boulevard and Tropicana.The Candy Tour is an easy walk, lots of photo opportunities, and can easily take anywhere between 1 to 3 hours.


You can always park wherever you want. We exit highway 15 heading east and then make a right into the outside parking at Excalibur.  You can also park at any of the neighboring casinos. If your staying on the strip, you can catch a walk, catch a cab, or ride the bus to any of the casino's on this corner.

  1. After parking we walking through Excalibur. You’ll pass Dick’s Last Resort, keep going straight and you head outside.
  2. We cross the bridge and head to NYNY Casino. At NYNY you can check out the Statue of Liberty out front and take a walk to our first stop, the Hersey Chocolate World.
  3. Hersey Chocolate World- they have tons of cool things to look at and they have everything Hersey. They even have touch screens games and all kids love a glass elevator. Downstairs you can buy fudge, candy, ice cream, and other eatable treats. You can by every color Hersey kisses and pay per lb.  Check out the entire property before heading out.
  4. From there we cross the bridge towards the MGM, go down the escalator and head north up Las Vegas Blvd. towards the M&M store, M&M World.
  5. M&M World is even more crazy than the Hersey Chocolate World. You have 5 floors of everything you can think of M&M’s. Being a sponsor of Star Wars, you'll find a multitude of gifts. On the 5th floor they have a NASCAR M&M car that you can take a picture next to. Also, you can buy any color M&M’s on the 2nd floor for a premium. Once you’ve overloaded on chocolate you are ready for something to drink.
  6. Next door you’ll find the Everything Coca-Cola. After eating all the chocolate you need to wash it down with something, right?  Why not a Coke product?  Once again you can find memorabilia galore to purchase. On the second floor you can drink Coke’s from around the world. Our family favorite is this.
    a. Here’s something our kids love. You can purchase 12 flavor samples of coke from around the world. Some are really good and some are horrible. The kids love tasting all the crazy combinations. It’s around $8.
    b. You can also buy a more delicious coke alternative, float sampler. You get samples of coke products with vanilla ice cream. The price is around $6.



This Las Vegas for kids tour gives you ideas to customize your adventure. If you are looking for more things to do in Las Vegas with kids, here you go.They are all within a couple minutes walk.
1. Big Apple Roller Coaster and Arcade (NYNY Casino) You must be 54″ to ride the roller coaster. Great for older kids 10+.
2. Fun Dungeon (Excalibur Casino) Arcade games, carnival games and stuff for the whole family. Most of the arcade games were $.50 to $1 and the prize games were $2. For Kids 7+.
3. Free Tram connecting Excalibur, Mandalay Bay, and Luxur. There is a short wait time. Great for Small Kids. Kids love the fun ride.  For kids 6 and under.


At the Excalibur you can take a free tram between Mandalay Bay, Luxur, and Excalibur.
(The tram goes in this order… Excalibur, Mandalay Bay, Luxur, back to Excalibur)
Mandalay Bay- Nothing really exciting for the kids unless you want to visit the Shark Tank.
Luxur- Pyramid themed Casino. In the center of the casino, they have a raised area with a Imax Theater, Body’s Tour (not for kids), and some random shops.


By this time the kids should be pretty tired, the sugar worn off,  and you can go on and complete your day. You’ll see that not everything in Las Vegas is is 21 and over.


You can do this also at night. We’ve done it many times between 7-9pm. Just remember these safety tips.

• Just be careful for the guys passing out prostitute cards. They can't give you them if your with kids, but there are always a lot of them on the ground.
• It’s a lot more crowded overall at night. So keep your kids close and in sight. 
• More people drinking, loud, and cursing. Women are more provocatively dressed.
• There are people dressed up as characters. You can take pictures with them but usually they want a $1 tip. It’s not mandatory though.


If your looking to book your next trip to Las Vegas try considering us. Check us out at . We are a vacation home with tons of kids activities. There are alternatives to staying in the loud, smoke field casinos. “The Winners Resort” is always pet and kid friendly and we are located just 15 minutes from all major casinos. For more things to do in Las Vegas with kids or more information on booking with us, check us out.

I hope you get a lot of information out of this Las Vegas for kids, walking tour. 

Las Vegas For Kids, The Candy Tour
Las Vegas For Kids, The Candy Tour
Las Vegas For Kids, The Candy Tour